“Our pets provide us with a love like no other. They often help us heal when nothing else can. Why not give back to these amazing creatures with a soothing massage? Massage benefits animals much in the way it does for humans.”

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

All dogs can benefit from a massage, especially:

  • Dogs that have chronic conditions
  • Elderly dogs
  • Dogs nearing end of life stage
  • Working/show dogs
  • Dogs recovering from injury or illness

Along with proper vet care, massage can benefit your dog’s whole wellbeing. Massage may enhance joint range of motion, soothe aching joints and stiffness caused by arthritis, increase activity level for elderly dogs, all while reducing stress and anxiety.

Active dogs may see a quicker recovery response. Dogs recovering from surgery or illness can benefit during their recovery period. Your dog may enjoy walks again, have better posture, and enjoy a little more pep in their step. Massage is a drug-free, holistic modality that can benefit your overall dog’s care.

We never want to say goodbye to our special family members, but when the time comes, massage can help reduce stress.

I provide all the materials necessary for your dog to respond well to the soothing nature of a massage.

By appointment, the initial consultation** typically lasts 90 minutes and includes a 30-40 minute massage $60

Follow-up appointments–typically last 30-45 minutes. Rates:

  • 30-45 minutes $35
  • 60+minutes $50

Travel costs may be $20 depending on travel over 15 miles.

*Massage never replaces veterinary care. Please consult with your veterinarian before starting a massage program.