What Is Equine Massage?So what is equine massage?

Equine massage is the application of hands on techniques applied to the horse. Massage has been used for many years to increase circulation and increase range of motion. Overuse, over stretching, and over loading muscles can cause small tears in the muscle fibers that can restrict movement and cause pain. Massage helps to trigger your horse’s natural ability to heal due to the increased circulation which brings nutrients to the tissues and takes away waste products that can build up and cause problems for muscle function.

So what are the benefits of equine massage?

Massage can be used as a preventative and maintenance as well as rehabilitation following injury. So just because your horse is well does not mean he/she does not need a massage.

Massage improves a horse’s disposition. By removing pain in the muscles, and making the horse feel more comfortable in his body, this can produce a positive change in the horse’s disposition. Massage improves circulation and increases nutrients delivered to the tissues and removes built up toxins. A result of this is an increase in the quality of the horse’s coat and skin, producing a shiny, healthy looking coat.

Signs of pain in the horse can vary. A change in your horse’s disposition, a dulling of the coat, biting, kicking, or refusing jumps can all be signs of pain. Massage can help with these but should never be used in a lame or sick horse without proper veterinary diagnosis and care as well.

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